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Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyFebruary 27

Water Leak Detection

To develop a prototype that is able to detect small waterpipe leaks, and ultimately alert homeowners of the leakage.

Government & Transport
Case StudyFebruary 24

Recreational Vessel Detection

To create an object detection system in order to recognise abnormal vessel behaviour.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyFebruary 24

Creating a Digital Bank Guarantee

To provide research into the various ways that bank guarantees can be issued via a digital contract, ultimately determining an optimal solution to be implemented.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyFebruary 24

TinyML Project

To utilise machine learning to decrease workload of maintenance crew in remote sites.

Health & Education
Case StudyFebruary 23

HIVE Marketing

To develop a marketing campaign in order to promote EMHS’ HIVE facilities, by establishing a brand identity and increasing brand engagement.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyFebruary 21

Industrial LoRa Devices & Networking

To review available industrial LoRa devices and networking components in order to evaluate their relevance to the company.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyJuly 30

Platform Designing and Prototyping

To utilise an existing hardware platform to develop, design and prototype a mobile app and website.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyJune 14

Automated Recipe Selection Through Ambient Temperature Monitoring

Designing and testing a wireless system for monitoring factory temperatures.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyMay 27

L3 Digital Twin Project

To design a building management interface that displays information from adjacent projects.

Health & Education
Case StudyMay 26

Offline Voice Control Bed

Implementing a low latency voice stopping system

Mining & Energy
Case StudyApril 29

Motor Electric Current Sensor Development

Developing a sensor to measure electrical current

Mining & Energy
Case StudyApril 10

Machine Learning for Trucks

Developing a computer vision system to assist with data collection.

Health & Education
Case StudyMarch 27

Electronic Tag Management

Developing an automated method to track the registration of AiRISTA duress tags.

Case StudyMarch 25

IoT Dashboard

Summarise temperature and gas data from grain storages.

Government & Transport
Case StudyMarch 11

4D Digital Twin for Urban Heat Islands

Utilising sensor arrays to assist in the thermal modelling of urban heat islands.

Mining & Energy
Case StudyFebruary 16

Cloud Connected PLC

Updating PLC data though cellular networks

Government & Transport
Case StudyNovember 30

Automating Capture of Bodily Marking

To develop a method for officers to capture bodily markings of individuals.

Health & Education
Case StudyNovember 20

Artificial Intelligence in the Radiology Department

Utilising AI for classification

Government & Transport
Case StudyOctober 13

Automating Response Monitoring

Using machine learning to automate the response monitoring of animals.

Case StudyFebruary 28

Grain Sampling Automation

Developing a proof of concept to automate the sampling process of barley and wheat.

Technologies & Data Science
Case StudyFebruary 07

Global Fireball Observatory Project

Deploying camera systems and observatory equipment all around the world to maximise the fireball observation area and meteorite recovery.

Mining & Energy
Case StudyFebruary 06

Measuring Residual Impacts on Biodiversity Values

Developing a robust calculator for the calculation and comparison of biodiversity values.

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