Who We Are

Led by partners, Cisco and Curtin University, the centre develops technology to solve real business problems through a collaborative community of student talent and professional expertise in electronic, communications, network and software engineering, computer and data science.

The Centre helps its members to identify, test, conduct comparative analysis and deploy innovative technology solutions using cloud computing, analytics and IoT network platforms. It supports original and inventive solution development through concept testing, prototype development and integration analysis.


What we will do:

  • Connect you with technology solutions, subject-matter experts, research expertise and intellectual property to deliver bold solutions that disrupt and progress industries.
  • Work with you to create bespoke teams of experts needed to solve your business challenges.
  • Collaborate with you to understand how to best utilise technology and research to achieve efficiencies or create new and innovative opportunities.

Access & Resources

  • Our world-class facilities give collaborators access to everything they need to rapidly prototype an IoT solution.
  • We provide collaborators with the tools to identify, test, analyse and deploy innovative technology solutions.

Global Network

  • We are part of a global innovation network that helps to find digitally innovative solutions to real business problems.
  • ICP is one of 12 global Co-innovation Centres and Cisco Innovation Labs.

Bold Thinking

  • At ICP we are confident in disrupting the industry to ensure we co-create digitally innovative solutions.
  • We support and practice original and inventive solution development.

Innovation Central Centres

  • We are part of an innovation ecosystem that takes problems and turns them into solutions that support business sustainability.
  • Our unique and efficient service provides a collaborative environment to connect people, co-develop ideas and facilitate innovation.

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