Collaborate as an Industry Partner

Does your business require an innovative solution to unlock its full potential?

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) invites industry partners to engage with our 2024 On-Demand Program and the 2024-25 Summer Internship. This is a prime opportunity for companies to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to fund and collaborate with a custom-selected project team dedicated to delivering specific, agreed-upon outcomes.

Our On-Demand Program, running during the semester, offers a flexible schedule that allows students to work part-time, integrating seamlessly with ongoing company projects and timelines. Our Summer Internship spans 12 weeks, from November 18, 2024, to February 24, 2025, where students will commit to full-time work, providing an immersive and concentrated experience.

Both programs harness the capabilities of high-achieving Curtin University students from diverse faculties—including Science & Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Business & Law, and Aboriginal Studies—supervised by Curtin University academics and Cisco experts. These students are prepared to tackle unique challenges faced by your organization through rapid prototyping or optimization projects, effectively unlocking new potential and innovative solutions for your business.

Partner with us at ICP to innovate and transform challenges into opportunities with fresh perspectives and expert guidance.

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