Collaborate as an Industry Partner

Does your business require an innovative solution to unlock its full potential?

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) is now seeking industry partners for the 2023-24 Summer Program.

We’re giving you the opportunity to utilise our 12-week program to address a challenge faced by your organisation. By sourcing a unique team to carry out a rapid prototyping or optimisation project, ICP are capable of addressing a wide range of challenges that inhibit your business’ potential.

We are calling for companies to submit an expression of interest to pay $12.5K to fund a tailored project team to deliver an agreed-upon outcome. This will include a high-achieving student supervised by Curtin University academics and Cisco experts. The student talent will be sourced by the team across Curtin’s faculties – Science & Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Business & Law, and Aboriginal Studies – and will be working with your organisation for 12 weeks over the 2023-24 summer period.

The student will focus on developing an innovative solution to your business challenge and will be supported by a curated team.

ICP’s summer program runs from 13/11/23 to 16/02/24.

If you have a question about our summer program, feel free to reach out at

Submit your expression of interest below.