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AI Advancements Start-Up Company 

ICP is honoured to announce that Sean Oldenburger, an ICP intern studying at Curtin University, has officially begun his start-up company – AI Advancements. Sean has been working with ICP over the last year on two projects over the 2022-2023 summer internship program and on-demand program in collaboration with Mineral Resources (MRL). These projects involved using computer vision (AI) to detect left over ore (hang up) that was stuck in the wagons, allowing for efficient cleanup, and using computer vision to detect oversized rocks entering the mining crushing plants.  

During Sean’s time with ICP, he was awarded the Entrepreneurship Award for the 2022-2023 Summer Program, which further influenced him to pursue his own startup, leveraging his passion for AI. Sean recognises the importance of AI in WA, and is passionate about contributing to this growth.  

Through ICP, Sean has gained valuable industry experience while working with clients, building relationships, and creating business proposals, which has been a huge advantage for his start-up journey. ICP has also supported Sean though his placement at MRL, where he completes his Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons.) Industrial and Applied Mathematics, conducting research, and applying anomaly detection.  

“ICP helped me connect with important industries and broaden my networks, so now that I am starting my own business, I have a lot of people to reach out to.” Sean said.    

AI Advancements (AIA) is a subcontracting and consulting company that integrates AI into other companies and businesses. AIA aims to help increase their client’s technology capabilities, optimising AI and technology to grow and advance with ease.  

ICP is proud to have provided this pathway for Sean and wishes him all the success for his AI Advancements start-up. 


Innovate with AARP!

On the 6th of July, ICP were excited to host the Innovate with AARP event in our collaboration space at Curtin University to demonstrate the capabilities and use cases for the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP).

The event was held in collaboration with CORE Innovation Hub and DevelopmentWA. A range of industry partners, academics, and associates were in attendance for the event, creating an interactive and informative atmosphere. Representatives from the AARP highlighted the vast opportunities available at their precinct, along with exciting case studies of their current projects.  

Like-minded individuals were given a space for open discussion on the presented topics, and it was great to see so much engagement afterwards.
Special thanks to our guest speakers for providing valuable insights: 

📢 Tamryn Barker  – AARP National Lead 
📢 Kelli Howell – Senior Development Manager 
📢Renu Kannu – Business Partnerships Lead 
📢 Zitian Huang – ICP Intern 
📢Sunga Mushota – ICP Intern 



On July 21st, XR: WA brought back their annual event exploring the alluring world of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and computer games to the WA Museum Boola Bardip. The exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to experience the upcoming works emerging in the domain of VR and digital screen industries.  

ICP Director, Andrew Bell had the pleasure of being among the panellists for this event.  
He spoke at one of the panels called Don’t Shoot the Messenger, diving into the impact of AI on our current world and culture. The panel enabled many experts in the field to discuss the influence of AI on aspects of our day-to-day life such as education, traditional screen forms, arts and culture, and heavy industry. 


Project Spotlight: Machine Learning Algorithm for Shoe Identification 

In collaboration with Dr Billy Sung, an academic of the School of Management and Marketing at Curtin Business School, ICP has been working on an incredible project involving the development of a machine learning (ML) solution that utilises cameras to detect and classify shoes. The underlying vision and importance of this project is to estimate foot traffic and engagement in public spaces and digital signages, enabling advertisers and marketers to have well informed data on their audiences. 

Mya Ubalde, a fourth year Bachelor of Advance Science (Hons.) Computing student at Curtin University, worked on accomplishing this project. Through design thinking, collecting, and processing datasets, as well as iteratively training ML models, Mya was able to execute the desired outcome of this project. Mya’s hard work, with the professional support of academic supervisor Dr Sawitchaya Tippaya (Nancy and Dr Billy Sung, enabled the creation of a proof-of-concept ML model. The model is equipped to detect the shoes of people walking past a camera using YOLOv8.  

ICP is proud of the outcome of this innovative project and believes it is a step into the future of ML models.


EOI for Industry Projects 

There’s still time to express your interest in ICP’s 2023-24 summer program! This is the perfect opportunity to utilise our 12-week program to address a challenge faced by your organisation.

ICP is committed to delivering a vast range of innovative solutions across many different sectors by providing student talent, nurtured by Curtin University resources and Cisco expertise.

Our summer program is in heavy demand by industry, so make sure to submit your EOI soon!

ICP’s summer program runs from 13/11/23 to 16/02/24.

For more information, or to apply, click here.