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Mineral Resources and Curtin Partnership 

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) is thrilled to announce a partnership between Mineral Resources (MinRes) and Curtin University has been established. On June 19th, the memorandum of understanding was signed by MinRes Managing Director Chris Ellison and Curtin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne in ICP’s office in Curtin University. Both organisations are optimistic about the potential for Australia to be the eminent leader for critical minerals extraction, production as well as downstream processing and manufacturing.  

The partnership supports a large volume if internship for Curtin students to gain hands-on practical experience within the mining industry creating pathways for the future generation of mining talent.
ICP has had the privilege to collaborate with MinRes over the last 18 months on projects, enabling students to obtain valuable industry skills and experience. ICP interns are currently participating in some exciting and phenomenal projects applying data science to help MinRes operations teams be best in class!

ICP is honoured to have hosted this memorable moment for Curtin University and Mineral Resources.


Appreciation Event!

On June 22nd, ICP celebrated the success of our students, academics and staff on projects this semester. Throughout the semester, ICP was delighted to have over 25 projects with 35 talented students working to solve real industry problems effectively and efficiently with the support of our incredible academics and staff. To show ICP’s gratitude, we treated everyone to delicious food from Common Ground and refreshing drinks in the ICP building located in Curtin, providing an opportunity for everyone to unwind and have fun.
Andrew Bell, ICP Director, provided a speech acknowledging the dedication and successes of the those who worked and helped on our on-demand projects this semester. Special shout-out to Digby Emmett, who is currently works for Alcoa, for his speech sharing his experience as a former ICP intern, and the opportunities he gained as a result of working with ICP.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did, and we aim to keep this as a tradition for future semesters. 


WADSIH: Data and AI for Business Conference

ICP is delighted to be involved with WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH) at their 2023 Data and AI for Business Conference commencing on 2nd of August to 3rd of August!

Taking place at The Westin, WADSIH opens a space for a diverse group of WA industry professionals and data science providers to explore how AI, advanced analytics and machine learning can be optimised for business innovation and growth. Attendees will hear from a line-up of professionals and experts. ICP Director, Andrew Bell and Lead Data Scientist, Nick Ettlinger, will share their insights on navigating the internship space and top strategies when hiring data science teams respectively.

Luckily for ICP networks and followers, WADSIH has generously offered a 10% discount on tickets! Please use code ‘ICP10’ when registering.

This event is perfect to learn how the AI revolution is advantageous to businesses and building connections with likeminded industries and individuals.

AISA-Curtin Student Fair 2023

AISA-Curtin Student Fair is an amazing event for students to meeting industry and develop valuable relationships with industry professionals. The event will take place in Curtin University at Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre on 8th July 2023.
Students will gain clear insights on the current trends of the constantly evolving cyber sector and gain instrumental advice from experts from the cyber security sector.
The event consists of informational presentations from industry representatives from organisations such as CiscoEver Nimble and Red Piranha, followed by networking and possible career advancement opportunities which is beneficial for any cyber students.
This event is designed to enhance your knowledge, open pathways and meet others who are just as passionate as cyber innovation with no registration costs, so don’t miss out.

Click here to register!


Project Spotlight: Autonomous Dust Monitoring for Robotic Solar Panel Maintenance 

In collaboration with Innovative Energy Solutions (IES), ICP has been working on an incredible project to develop baseline data to inform and guide future designs and prototypes to enable product optimisation.  This system will be beneficial in providing effective methods of soiling detection by using image possessing and distribution. IES, will be able to leverage the system in different areas of Robotic solar panel maintenance such as research in industrial production materials and optimising cleaning times.  

 ICP interns, Zitian Huang, a third-year Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering and computer Science and Sunga Mushota, a third-year Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering worked hard on this project under the supervision of ICP’s academic Siavash Khaksar to produce phenomenal results.  

Together the ICP interns delivered the desired prototype that is wireless with a controller node and multiple sensors for optimisation alongside image processing allowing for autonomous dust monitoring.  Zitian and Sunga conducted deep research into industrial production materials as another aspect of their project enabling further optimisation.  

ICP are proud of these outcomes by our interns and hope IES can utilise the developments for the maintenance of robotic solar panels. 

An exciting project is underway between ICP and IES, involving a test at the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP), keep an eye out on our socials for more information!  


MicroBusiness Musters 

In partnership with Community Bank Bayswater and the Office of Lisa Baker MLA Maylands, Workforce Australia Local Jobs – Perth North and Innovation Cluster are organizing three ‘Micro-Business Musters’ in Bayswater, Inglewood, and Maylands. These booths are designed to support people on their employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship journeys. Clayton Smith, a Digital marketing strategist and other invited speakers will be sharing their experiences of challenges and success in the industry.
These Musters will feature booths from various program providers and initiatives designed to empower individuals on their employment, self-employment, or entrepreneurship journeys.
Innovation cluster has partnered with ICP, Curtin University, Murdoch University and Start-up WA, to conduct a digital marketing matchmaking competition. Helping marketing students and micro-businesses gain real-world industry experience, improve their entrepreneur skills and have a chance to win cash prizes totalling $5000 sponsored by Community Bank Baywater.
Students and micro-businesses will be matched together to meet-up, discuss market need and understand core company values to develop a creative new branding or digital marketing campaign over a two-month period. Get ready with a workshop by Kenneth Yap and finalise with judges who will evaluate submissions for creativity, innovation, and impact to determine the winners.
How to be involved:
Express your interest for the digital marketing matchmaking competition here.
Organizations supporting employment or entrepreneurship can host a booth at our Musters. No fees required, simply email:
For micro-business guidance and exploring entrepreneurship, register for the July Bayswater Muster here.

WA Energy Conference 

An opportune moment for any aspiring energy professional students has arrived. Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) has opened applications of student grants for the WA energy conference!
AIE hosts annual conferences to connect industries and energy professionals, providing a range of online and in-person events to accommodate for everyone. International speakers from across the sector deliver their knowledge to attendees, making this event incredibly valuable to those in the industry or students wanting to enter the industry.
AIE announced, they want to see students explain the importance of their discipline in relation to energy transition.  They are offering 4 tickets for university students in WA for this fantastic opportunity as part of Energy Week WA.
To submit an application, go to this link, and click ‘Apply Now’ under the student tickets category.

Don’t miss out! Applications close 28th July 2023.