The Future of Sports Tech

As Brisbane gears up for the 2032 Summer Olympics, ICB is excited to also innovate in the sports tech sector. We are collaborating with Cisco to transform the way sports are played, watched, and experienced. We are also exploring innovations in logistics and transport to ensure smooth and efficient movement of athletes, staff, and equipment during the games.

Drawing on expertise in sports leadership, data analytics and AI, sports science, high performance, elite athletes and sports management, QUT is building a world-class and well-resourced sports tech innovation precinct, with dedicated innovation activity being delivered in partnership with industry, government and big tech in Innovation Central Brisbane.


PHOTO: Cisco’s Global Sports, Entertainment and Media Experts, Manny Spanoundakis and Nick Ritsinias deliver a guest lecture on global sports tech opportunities for students enrolled in our ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ unit, BSB105 Future Enterprise.


QUT Launches Sports Tech Van

QUT will bring esports and virtual sports activities to regional Queensland, with the launch of a high-tech van, fitted out by Cisco technology and loaded with esports, virtual sport and broadcasting equipment. The van will travel to regional, remote and Indigenous Australian communities across Queensland to provide opportunities to participate in rising sports infused with technology.

Esports, virtual cycling, reaction training, simulated golf, smart-tech and wearables, broadcasting and performance analytics will be wrapped into the suite of activities delivered.

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Digital Tech Prototyping

Explore 100sqm of state-of-the-art Cisco innovation where you can trial and learn about new technologies in a non-operational environment.


Trusted Retail Research

Our partnership with QUT means we can connect you with multidisciplinary research expertise to support your organisation’s research and development needs throughout the ideation process.


Qld Regional Innovation

ICB is committed to driving Regional Innovation in Queensland through connected partnerships. These partnerships are unlocking innovative opportunities and new ways of living, learning, working and engaging.


Sports Tech

Now is a generational opportunity for Queensland, Australia, to be a global leader in sports, sports tech, and adjacent industries.


Women In Leadership

ICB is committed to equipping high-performing female CIO and CTO STEM champions with advanced management and leadership skills tailored for the tech industry.


Cisco Expertise

Our team of Cisco tech experts will help you navigate the complex world of technology and work with you to explore your digital needs.


Accelerating Student Talent

Our ‘classroom to boardroom’ philosophy means you will gain access to future-focused ideas and expertise as our students work to solve your real-world challenges.

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