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Our partnership with Queensland University of Technology means we have access to a dedicated team of researchers in Trusted Retail.

As our societies and economies are becoming more trust-intensive, the conscious design, management and measurement of trust-aware products, services and business processes is of increasing importance. In QUT’s Trusted Retail research, trust is broken down into the management of uncertainty, vulnerability, confidence and benevolence.

Led by Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail, Dr Nadine Ostern is exploring how technologies can facilitate new, trusted solutions and with this unlock previously unseen sources of competitive advantage.

Testing the research to the real world in real time, ‘The Brisbane Trust Alliance’ is a community of (trust) professionals which brings 40+ executives across multiple sectors together on a monthly base to collectively develop higher levels of trust literacy.


Dr Nadine Ostern holds the Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail at QUT.

In this position, she leads a team of researchers focusing on identifying contemporary, tech-enabled trust opportunities across various industries, including retail and finance. Her research focuses on designing trust experiences and strategies in data- and technology-enabled environments, including AI, blockchain, or video analytics. Nadine previously held various academic roles in Europe, such as the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany, and Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. Nadine’s research has been published in leading academic journals, including Information & Management and Business & Information Systems Engineering, and is regularly presented at renowned conferences in the field of information systems.


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